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Lehi's Vision - English Book of Mormon Vinyl Wrap

Lehi's Vision - English Book of Mormon Vinyl Wrap

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This simple stylized rendition of Lehi's Vision carefully leads the viewer's eye from the front cover to the back via the iron rod. This symbolizes both how the iron rod (God's word) can lead us from the mists of darkness to the tree of life, and how when we travel through the pages from the beginning to the end, we can find the light and love from Christ that the tree represents.

Our vinyl wraps are more than beautiful, they also

  • Come pre-wrapped on a brand-new Book of Mormon
  • Are water resistant, making it easy to clean any smudges
  • Are scratch resistant
  • Have a subtle velvet finish

This bold book cover is a showstopper and a conversation starter. The perfect wrap to send to a missionary, a new convert, or a loved one!

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